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Day Services

What We Do

MCE Day Services are a BLAST!

MCE Day Services reflect the interests as well as the needs of each individual. We are excited to announce that MCE offers multiple services, to include Adult Day and Community Integration, each with a unique structured focus that will help to better serve individual needs.

Community Integration

Community Integration is person-centered around the individuals choice of being a part of our Cheyenne community and are designed to facilitate skill building. The individuals show their skills by displaying appropriate behaviors in the community. This service is provided in a variety of settings around town. People work on socialization with others and continued development with existing relationships to expand their presence. They also enjoy greater independence as their confidence grows with positive reinforcement from MCE staff and other people in Cheyenne. The individuals enjoy participating in community networking as well as having a voice in their personal choices.

Adult Day Services

Magic City Enterprises provides an environment where familiar friends and new acquaintances can enjoy a full schedule of social and recreational events and activities. we love being a part and making new friends in our community. Some enjoy volunteering at local sites, helping others in need or just relishing the sites around town. We offer structured and routine activities that provide choice to everyone, offering opportunities for social, intellectual, physical and emotional wellness, such as morning coffee at the local coffee shop, relaxing swim, a walk on the greenway, local classes, and time with friends. Our staff members receive on-going training to understand the conditions and challenges you may face on a day-to-day basis. We are here to create and support a safe and stable environment to all who have joined us for the day. Our goal is for everyone to have an enhanced sense of belonging, choice and fulfillment in a positive supported environment whatever you choose to achieve. Adult Day Services is for individuals who desire a more quiet, less stimulating environment centered around sensory and developing and maintaining skills. This program joins community events and enjoys arts, music, sensory activities, crafts, and more! The focus is relaxed and enjoyable!

Community Projects

Everyone is encouraged to participate in any of our current and upcoming community projects.

  • Cards for Veterans
  • Crochet afghans for seniors
  • Participating in a Craft Fair
  • Rocks of Kindness
  • Writing letters with Pen pals
  • Key chains for awareness of those with disabilities
    • Cheyenne Comic Con
    • Autism
  • Clean a designated area of the Greenway for litter control


MCE Day Services encourages people to engage in volunteering for other organizations. Volunteering benefits people by enhancing job skills, heightening awareness of community programs, developing new acquaintances, and establishing natural supports. Being a volunteer is an individual contribution to the community and it is so rewarding!

We offer volunteer services to:

  • Salvation Army 
  • Cheyenne Animal Shelter
  • Red Cross
  • ICON Center
  • Stride Learning Center
  • YMCA
  • Wyoming Coalition for the Homeless
  • NEEDS Inc.

Community awareness and safety is practiced daily. Individual choice and developing personal growth and self esteem is encouraged for everyone! We promote visiting web sites, watching films, engaging in group discussions on rights and self advocacy, and more!

Our Day Services encourages people to arrange and schedule to visit places of their choice, such as: miniature golf, the bowling alley, parks, restaurants, museums, concerts, coffee shops, the library, as well as out of town locations, such as Denver, Laramie, and Ft. Collins.

A pleasant atmosphere and environment is provided in which to learn and grow with help from those who encourage self esteem and stimulate confidence and choice in daily activities.