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Code of Ethics

Who We Are

Magic City Enterprises Code of Ethics for All Staff Members

As MCE staff, I agree to know and adhere to the mission and values of Magic City Enterprises.  I will be accountable for my actions, provide real choice to our participants, show compassion for our participants, and all with whom I work.  I will strive to provide superior services. 

I also agree to adhere to the following:

  1. Focus first on the participant and understand that my role will require flexibility, creativity and commitment.
  2. Honor the personality, choices, preferences, culture and gifts of the people I support.
  3. Protect the health, safety and emotional well-being of the people we support by assisting them in preventing illness and avoiding unsafe activities. I will work with the individual and their team to identify areas of risk and create safeguards specific to these concerns. 
  4. Always promote human rights and recognize and report those who may victimize, exploit, abuse, neglect or harm the people we support.
  5. Protect the privacy and confidentiality of the individuals supported by me at all times during and following my employment with Magic City Enterprises.
  6. Help the people I support to understand and express their rights and responsibilities.
  7. Assist individuals with disabilities to speak for themselves and represent those who cannot speak for themselves by advocating for their preferences and best interests.
  8. Respect and recognize cultural context (e.g. religion, sexual orientation, ethnicity, socio-economic class, etc.) of the individuals supported by me while separating my own personal beliefs and expectations which may influence them and their personal preferences. If I am unable to separate my own beliefs/preferences in a given situation, I will actively remove myself from the situation.
  9. Recognize the importance of relationships and proactively facilitate relationships between the individuals I support, their family and friends while providing opportunities and supports that help them to be viewed with respect and as integral members of the community
  10. Refrain from expressing negative views, harsh judgments, and stereotyping of people who are close to the individuals I support.
  11. Work in partnership with the Plan of Care team to support the individual in living a self-directed life while understanding the guardianship of the person I support and work in partnership with legal representatives to assure that the individual’s preferences and interests are honored.
  12. Develop relationships that are respectful, based on mutual trust, and that maintain professional boundaries.
  13. Respect and acknowledge other members of the Plan of Care team and follow written plans.
  14. Never solicit people who are currently receiving services from another provider.
  15. Maintain competency in my profession through learning and ongoing communication with others.
  16. Practice responsible work habits and assume responsibility and accountability for my decisions and actions.
  17. Recognize the value and importance of modeling positive behaviors to co-workers, the people I support, and the community at large.
  18. Actively seek advice and guidance on ethical issues from others as needed when making decisions.
  19. Always represent Magic City Enterprises and the people we support in a positive, supportive, respectful manner.
  20. I will not act as a witness to legal documents such as guardianships, advance directives, agency contracts and/or Power of Attorney without the expressed written approval of the CEO. I understand that I may be authorized to countersign documents such as intake forms, authorizations (i.e. release of information form, treatment plans) as directly related to my job duties.

Any allegations of violations of the Code of Ethics should be reported immediately to the employees’ supervisor and area manager.  Investigations of reported violations will be initiated within 2 working days of the report.  Magic City Enterprises will protect any employees who report violations of the Code of Ethics by those accused or any Magic City Enterprises supervisory or management employees.  MCE will follow established disciplinary guidelines for all violations of the Code of Ethics.