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Community Living Services

What We Do

  • Community Living ServicesIf you are looking for a safe, supportive, and nurturing environment that can assist you in achieving your highest potential, then the Residential Program at Magic City is just the place. Our individually decorated houses offer a comfortable home like setting where you can explore new interests, learn new skills, perfect the skills that you have, and work towards your desired life goals, all with the support of our highly trained staff members. Perhaps you like to garden or cook, whatever your hobby we have a setting where you can feel supported and still do the things you love. Staff members are trained in a wide range of areas to assist in meeting your individual needs and choices. If needed, we aid with all your personal needs and goals while maintain your privacy and dignity. Our Residential Program offers 24-hour support if you need it and less intensive support if you don't, with full access for your friends and family if you choose. Unlike old stereotypes of group living there are many more options, perhaps you like living with a diverse group of roommates, you might enjoy a more singular setting with only one other roommate, we will work with you to find the right home for you where you can feel safe and supported. We also provide assisted access to your community for shopping, community events, activities and relaxation. Enjoy individual choice and autonomy while living in a fully supported environment. Our Residential Program continually strives to provide a stable and supportive environment for those with all levels of ability. These services are individually tailored to facilitate, retain, and improve skills needed to live in a home and be a part of the community. These 24-hour supports include adaptive skill development, assistance with activities of daily living, community inclusion, transportation, educational supports, and social skill development. Each staff member is trained to assist and provide positive reinforcement to each person as they strive to reach their individual goals, to become more independent, as well as help to gain self confidence. Needs are determined through comprehensive assessments that provide information regarding the need for support and supervision. This information is used to determine which Residential Habilitation program can best meet the individual’s needs.