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Who We Are

Magic City Enterprises Foundation

Magic City Enterprises Foundation is an affiliation of Magic City Enterprises, Inc. and is a non-profit public benefit corporation established May 24th, 1995.

The MCE Foundation was created with the specific purpose of supporting MCE in its fundraising efforts and its mission of 'Supporting Individuals with Disabilities to Live Successfully'. 

The corporation is governed by a Board of Directors who are not entitled to any compensation or pecuniary advantage. The Board of Directors shall adopt the By-Laws which shall govern the operation and affairs of the corporation and shall be consistent with the Articles of Incorporation.

The objectives and purposes for which the Magic City Enterprises Foundation was formed are:

  • To operate exclusively for the benefit of Magic City Enterprises, Inc.
  • Solicit and receive contributions of money or other property from donor or their estate, and may grant financial support through such contributions, and income, to Magic City Enterprises, Inc. and its programs.

Our current Magic City Enterprises Foundation Board of Directors are:

  • Bob Nicholas
  • Paul Ortega
  • Dwight Hayes

If you are interested in making a donation or contribution to make a difference in the lives of individuals with disabilities” please go to the “donate” page.